April 2011

Show Performer Performances
Dance Showcase Evelyn Witcombe School of Dance Wed 6 Apr to Sat 9 Apr 2011
Curtains Flying Ducks Youth Theatre Thu 14 Apr to Sat 16 Apr 2011

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Dance Showcase

Evelyn Witcombe School of Dance

Wednesday 6 April to Saturday 9 April 2011

Wed 6 Apr 19:15
Thu 7 Apr 19:15
Fri 8 Apr 19:15
Sat 9 Apr 19:15
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A Whodunnit Comedy Musical - UK Youth Premiere

Flying Ducks Youth Theatre

Thursday 14 April to Saturday 16 April 2011

The scene is set in Boston Massachusetts 1959. Jessica Cranshaw, the wholly untalented leading lady of the new musical Robbin Hood, collapses after the final curtain of the opening night, later to be pronounced dead. The question Lt. Frank Cioffi of the Boston Police Department needs to answer is WHO-DUNNIT?!

Underpaid and overworked, any one of the cast and crew of the critically reviewed show, Robbin Hood, may be considered a suspect. How did Christopher Belling, the show's flamboyant director, get them to agree to perform?

Could the murderer be Carmen Berstein, the tough, ruthless co-producer, needing to rid the show of the talentless leading lady and save the show? Or her philandering husband, Sidney Bernstein, eager to give his step-daughter Bambi a boost into the lime-light?

Does too-good-to-be-true Niki Harris, Jessica's understudy, want to leap into the leading role? Is her blossoming romance with Lt. Cioffi a way to put him off the trail?

Perhaps it is one of the divorced songwriting team of Aaron Fox and Georgia Hendricks, each having their own reasons for Georgia to be cast as the lead?

After another murder is discovered, the race is on for Lt. Cioffi to solve the case and ensure there is a cast left to re-open the show!

Unforgettable songs and a storyline to keep you guessing up until the final scene make this a must-see show.

Thu 14 Apr 19:30
Fri 15 Apr 19:30
Sat 16 Apr 14:30
Sat 16 Apr 19:30