Image and Advert Specifications


Please supply 3 images which will then be used for each of the promotional activities – the website, brochure and where part of your package, email and social media adverts.

Size:Always provide the largest format image file available. 

Ideal 1920 * 128 pixels, minimum 1200 * 800 pixels

Always provide largest format image file available

Hint: You can check the size of your image as follows:
Right click on the image file and select Properties
Press Option while clicking on the image file, then select Get Info

ShapeImages on the website and social media are square.
Landscape & Portrait shots are fine, but need to be framed to allow for cropping.
CroppingImages will be cropped to match each use eg website entry or Facebook post.
Images need to be taken so that they can be cropped, specifically with space around the edge and composition that allows for the cropping.
FocusWhen images render on mobile they focus on the centre point of the image.
Resolution300 dpi minimum resolution at the required dimensions.
Colour ModelRGB
Licence Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check licence requirements for any images used to promote your show.
Stock Images Knowing that often production photography is not done until at least rehearsals start we maintain a Library of Stock Images for each type of show to use until your images are produced as follows:

Concert, Dance, Festival,  Film, Gang Show, Light-Opera, Musical, Opera, Play,  Pantomime, Talk and Live Music
Production ShotsThe best way to create the images for you show would be to hire costumes and schedule a photo shoot. This could be done on last day of your previous performance while at the theatre or you could arrange a separate photo shoot.
Delivery Please deliver files electronically either via email attachments or using a big file transfer service such as “We Transfer”.
File Format The preferred image format is JPEG or TIFF.

Brochure Adverts

Type Layout Details Width mm Height mm
Quarter page Portrait Image which appears alongside text listing 60 86
Half page Portrait Image which appears with another half page advert 128 94
Full page Portrait Artwork 148 219
Premium - full page Portrait Artwork - Page 3 and Centre Pages 148 219
Double page Portrait Artwork - 2 x Centre Pages 148 219

Page Bleed Full page adverts require an additional 3mm of page bleed on all sides. A double page entry should consist of two full page entries prepared to the same specifications as above with the safe area and page bleed applying to each page.
Advert Margin A 5mm margin inside all edges of full page adverts is recommended to prevent text and logos being too close to the page edge.
File Format The preferred format for brochure artwork is PDF.
TIFF and JPEG files are also acceptable provided they are the correct size resolution and colour mode and include the necessary page bleed.
Colour Mode All content in CMYK colour mode (not RGB and containing no spot colours).
Resolution Fonts All images within the artwork need to be at least 300dpi and all fonts embedded or turned to outlines.
Publishing Software Microsoft applications such as Publisher and Word are unable to produce PDFs to the required technical specification and should not be used to create artwork.

Printed Material

Type Orientation Size
Posters Portrait A1
Flyers Portrait A5


Theatre brochure inclusion:

BrochureDeadlineDesign & PrintIssue from
January - April season31 OctoberNovember1 December
May - September season28 FebruaryMarch1 April
October - January season31 JulyAugust1 September

Advertorial, Email, Facebook Advert

Any additional text and images need for additional marketing services need to be provided to the York Press Advertorial deadline as follows:

Press Advertorial deadline First Friday of the month before your show
Example Show Date: 25 - 27 October
Advert appears: 27 September
Information required: by 7 September