Website Info and Credits

This website and the surrounding systems used in the theatre to support it are the results of a lot of hard work by many people, and uses a lot of other software packages - many of which are open source or freely available. This page is to give credit to the many people who have helped provide all of these components.

Backstage Systems

Our backstage systems provide a database that holds all of our show information, as well as mechanisms to co-ordinate our volunteers and those hiring the theatre. This set of applications were all developed in house. The software is all built in Perl using the Catalyst web framework, and building on the DBIx::Class ORM.


The website itself is built using the Perch Runway CMS by (having been recently upgraded from Perch). The guys at have been incredibly supportive of ourselves and other charities.

The design of the website was originally produced by Your Creative Sauce, but has had a number of modifications and a migration to a Zurb Foundation base (from the original Bootstrap based design) to give a cleaner lighter set of pages. This work was done internally with theatre volunteers.

As well as Zurb Foundation, which builds on top of jQuery, the website look uses the Foundation Icon Fonts and Font Awesome, along with the fonts Roberto and Josefin Sans from the Google Fonts Collection.


Bytemark have hosted our website and backstage systems for many many years originally on their legacy VM systems but now on the Bytemark Cloud Hosting Platform. Bytemark provide us with a great combination of good reliable service, friendly knowledgable support and a local company who have always supported local non-profits.

Box Office

Our Box Office system is provided by Spektrix, who provide a fully outsourced and hosted online box office solution along with supporting systems such as mailing list systems for communication with our patrons. The physical box office is run and staffed by our own theatre volunteers, without whom we would not be able to operate.