March 2008

Show Performer Performances
Where There's A Will Rowntree Players Thu 28 Feb to Sat 1 Mar 2008
Disney's High School Musical Flying Ducks Youth Theatre Tue 11 Mar to Sat 15 Mar 2008
Music Night Joseph Rowntree Theatre Sun 16 Mar 2008
Fame The Northern Musical Theatre Company Mon 31 Mar to Sat 5 Apr 2008

Where There's A Will Image

Where There's A Will

By Georges Feydeau - a new adaptation by Nicki Frei. Directed by Frank Higgins

Rowntree Players

Thursday 28 February to Saturday 1 March 2008

A classic by the master of the French farce - Where There's A Will examines what happens when the widow of a philanderer re-marries and tries to control the behaviour of her new husband, whom she measures by the standards of the first! Just when she thinks she has him where she wants him, things get complicated by the return of a rival for her affections and close friend of the first husband who had taken himself off to China but returns believing the coast is clear to recommence his wooing.

Thu 28 Feb 19:30
Fri 29 Feb 19:30
Sat 1 Mar 19:30
Disney's High School Musical Image

Disney's High School Musical

Based on a Disney Channel Original Movie

Flying Ducks Youth Theatre

Tuesday 11 March to Saturday 15 March 2008

All Performances Have Sold Out

A tale about daring to be different, our story starts with Troy, the school basketball star and Gabriella, possibly the cleverest girl around in a very unfamiliar situation. Having been thrown together in a karaoke contest whilst on a New Year’s Holiday they both realise that they have another growing interest – not just in the singing but in each other... So when Gabriella’s mother gets a transfer to the same area as Troy and Gabriella starts at the same High School it looks like our two heroes can re-unite and live happily ever after – or maybe not!

In step their well meaning friends Chad and Taylor and not so well meaning school drama divas: Sharpay and Ryan who are not so keen on the amount of time Troy and Gabriella are spending together rehearsing for their audition in the school musical or the effect it seems to be having on the rest of the school.

Will our two budding stars find a way to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them and make everyone realise that they really are All In This Together?

Tue 11 Mar 19:30
Wed 12 Mar 19:30
Thu 13 Mar 19:30
Fri 14 Mar 19:30
Sat 15 Mar 14:30
Sat 15 Mar 19:30
Music Night Image

Music Night

Musical Director Don Pears

Joseph Rowntree Theatre

Sunday 16 March 2008

Featuring music by Ivor Novello, George Gerschwin and Jerome Kern

Sun 16 Mar 19:30
Fame Image


Fame costs and right here is where you start paying

The Northern Musical Theatre Company

Monday 31 March to Saturday 5 April 2008

"To dream that you have FAME, denotes unrealized achievements and disappointed aspirations."

But this show is no dream. It is all about aspiration, passion and damned hard work! Remember those famous lines?


Bev Jones and his Northern Musical Theatre Company bring you a musical show full of youthful enthusiasm and talent showcasing hopeful, impressionable students all wanting to graduate from The High School of Performing Arts in the hope of starting out on a career in Acting, Singing, Music or Dance in order to achieve FAME! All under the watchful eyes of their experienced college tutors, who offer advice and words of wisdom to the exuberant, nervous and sometimes naive students. But student life isnt always a song and dance! Personal tragedy can strike, to even the most talented ......

Embrace this production of high energy, professionally choreographed dance routines, invigorating upbeat musical numbers, and leave the theatre singing to one of the most famous numbers ever since it was shown on TV in the eighties! FAME.

Mon 31 Mar 19:30
Tue 1 Apr 19:30
Wed 2 Apr 19:30
Thu 3 Apr 19:30
Fri 4 Apr 19:30
Sat 5 Apr 14:30
Sat 5 Apr 19:30