April 2010

Show Performer Performances
Sugar NE Musicals YORK Tue 13 Apr to Sat 17 Apr 2010
Les Miserables SE Bev Jones Musical Theatre Productions Tue 20 Apr to Tue 27 Apr 2010
Magical Musicals 2010 Lisa Marie Performing Arts Sat 1 May 2010

Sugar Image


Based on the well known film 'Some Like It Hot'

NE Musicals YORK

Tuesday 13 April to Saturday 17 April 2010

Two unemployed musicians — bass player Jerry and saxophone player Joe — witness the St Valentines Day massacre in Chicago. In order to escape gangster Spats Palazzo and his henchmen, they dress as women and join Sweet Sue and Her Society Syncopaters, an all-female band about to leave town for an engagement in Florida.

Complications arise when Joe, now known as Josephine, falls in love with beautiful band singer Sugar Kane, who has a slight drinking problem that tends to interfere with her ability to choose a romantic partner wisely. More than anything, Sugar wants to marry a millionaire, prompting Joe to disguise himself as the man of her dreams.

Meanwhile, wealthy and elderly Osgood Fielding, Jr. is pursuing Daphne, unaware she really is Jerry in drag. As much as he knows he needs to reveal his true gender to his over-amorous paramour, Jerry is beginning to enjoy all the expensive gifts bestowed upon him on a regular basis. Total chaos erupts when Spatz and his gang descend upon the hotel and realise who Josephine and Daphne really are.

With upbeat music, great songs, and plenty of comedy throughout, this show will have you laughing and tapping your feet all the way.

Tue 13 Apr 19:30
Wed 14 Apr 19:30
Thu 15 Apr 19:30
Fri 16 Apr 19:30
Sat 17 Apr 19:30
Les Miserables SE Image

Les Miserables SE

You are right sir, when you say that Les Miserables is written for a universal audience. I dont know whether it will be read by everyone, but it is meant for everyone.

Bev Jones Musical Theatre Productions

Tuesday 20 April to Tuesday 27 April 2010

After a sell-out production of this world class top selling musical of all time, in York 4 years ago, we are once again delighted to be able to stage this huge spectacular, courtesy of JW Weinberger, the licence holders in London.

Working within the restrictions imposed by Cameron Mackintosh, who insists upon first class standards throughout, this full-scale production, with full orchestra and Les Miserables set, offers talented young performers aged 19 years and under, a platform to showcase their talent, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in this memorable, dramatic, and emotional epic piece of musical theatre.

Drawn from the very best talent from all over North Yorkshire, this fantastic production, under the helm of Yorks' most prestigious Musical Theatre Director, Bev Jones, will take you through every emotion, from the dismal depths of Look Down sung by the prisoners on the chain-gang, to the raunchy Lovely Ladies, to the romantic A Heart Full of Love sung by Marius and Cosette, the comedy that simply pours from Master of The House with its catchy song and dance routine, to the heart rendering Bring Him Home guaranteed to touch the heart of everyone in the audience, to the magnificent, rousing full company numbers of Do You Hear The People Sing and the roof raising One Day More.

If you have never been to see a musical, or you have never been to the theatre, then a visit to Les Miserables SE is a time for change !

There are matinees and price concessions to suit everyone. Parties welcome.

Tue 20 Apr 19:30
Wed 21 Apr 19:30
Thu 22 Apr 19:30
Fri 23 Apr 19:30
Sat 24 Apr 14:30
Sat 24 Apr 19:30
Sun 25 Apr 14:30
Sun 25 Apr 19:30
Mon 26 Apr 19:30
Tue 27 Apr 19:30
Magical Musicals 2010 Image

Magical Musicals 2010

Lisa Marie Performing Arts

Saturday 1 May 2010

Sat 1 May 19:00