Fundraising and Events Support Volunteers

Graham Mitchell, our Fundraising and Events Director, is working on various ideas to expand fundraising activities in preparation for possible development work at the theatre. At present he has a small group assisting him in developing the ideas but he is keen to widen the team to take plans to the next stage and to bring them into working reality.  Graham is also looking to expand the team of volunteers to help with the Choir Festival for 2019.

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Responsibilities would be;
a) Assisting with the development of current plans in preparation for their launch.
b) Administering the plans once they are live.

Duties could include, but are not limited to,
clerical and administration duties using computers, 
liaising with others to promote the plans, potentially using Facebook, email etc.,
face to face contact with individuals to promote the plans.

Once up and running it is envisaged time involved would be no more than half a day per week spread across the week according to availability. Initially more time would be needed to prepare for launch.

Choir Festival Assistants

David Stainton, Graham Mitchell & a small team of willing volunteers work together to promote and manage the festival, which has become a vital part of the theatre’s fund raising programme.

The group are looking to expand the festival but need assistance to do so.

a) An event manager role, supervising choir practices and ensuring choirs are in correct place at correct time. A role similar to a Stage Manager for a theatre company. Currently Graham fulfils this role alone.
b) A Front of House Meeter & Greeter to ensure choir arrivals run smoothly and everyone knows where they should be and when. Currently David, Jenny, Susan and Margaret share this role and ensure programmes are sold to the choirs.
c) Publicity assistant able to assist with poster & flyer distribution and social media promotion of the festival as widely as possible. Currently Jenny & Susan have assisted David delivering posters and flyers to choirs for them to distribute amongst members and followers, but other distribution channels are needed.
Time requirements would vary from no more than a couple of hours a week during the preparation and publicity stage (October – March), to a full evening from 5.00 to 10.00 managing a concert (or concerts).


Contact Graham Mitchell by email at, or leave a note for him at the Box Office.