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Child Performers

Child Performers

If you are staging a production with children under compulsory school leaving age, you need to ensure you are aware of the current legislation regarding child performers. Advice can be found at http://www.york.gov.uk/ (search for Children’s Performance Licence).


Safeguarding Policy
The Joseph Rowntree Theatre Ltd has a Safeguarding Policy. Click here for a copy of our Safeguarding Policy.

Chaperones must be provided by the hirer where children are taking part in the production.

The maximum number of children in the care of a chaperone shall not exceed 12. For children under the age of 10 this is reduced to a maximum of 10 children being in the chaperone’s care.

At least two chaperones will be present in each dressing room when children are present.

Chaperones must be present for the welcome safety briefing given by the theatre stage manager at the start of the hire.

Time Restrictions
There are several legal restrictions as to how much time a child can perform or be at the place of performance and the intervals between performances.

Performances must be limited to 3.5 hours, with the child performing for not more than 2.5 hours.

Performances (per day) Either 2 performances or 1 performance & 1 rehearsal
Performances per week Either 2 performances or 1 performance & 1 rehearsal for a maximum of  6 days per 7 day week
Time gap between performance days 14 hours must elapse between the end of one day's performance and the beginning of the next day's performance
Intervals 1.5 hours minimum between 2 performances or between rehearsal and performance
Exception to Intervals in any week On not more than 2 days a minimum of 45 minutes interval between performances and/or rehearsals. Maximum 6 hours at place of performance
School Days ONLY 1 performance OR 1 rehearsal if attending more than the morning session at school
Earliest Arrival 10.00am
Latest Departure Age 12 & Under The earlier of 10.00pm or 30 min. after completing rehearsal or performance
Latest Departure Age 13 & Over The earlier of 10.30pm or 30 min. after completing rehearsal or performance
Exception to Latest Departure If essential for the performance, not later than 11.00pm on not more than 3 evenings per week, for up to 8 evenings in a period of 4 consecutive weeks.
Arrangements for getting home The licensee shall ensure that suitable arrangements (having regard to the child's age) are made for the child to get to their home or other destination, after the last performance, or rehearsal, or the conclusion of any activity on any day.