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Control and Dimmers
The lighting control board is a ETC Ion board which connects into a lighting sACN/Ethernet network and breaks out to a set of DMX Universes for controlling the dimmers and any intelligent fixtures.

The lighting desk can be placed in the stage corner or upstairs at the very back of the theatre in the projector room. During rehearsals, the lighting desk is normally placed centrally in the auditorium.

There are 72 dimmer circuits from a set of Zero88 Chilli series dimmers. 60 circuits are rated for 10 amps of resistive load, the remaining 12 circuits are rated at 16 amps.

All lighting sockets utilise 15A round pin unfused plugs and outlets.

Lighting Points
The lighting points are arranged as follows:

  • 3 stage lighting bars each with 16 circuits.
  • 4 sockets on cyclorama lighting bar.
  • 8 dip (floor) sockets each side of the stage spaced evenly from upstage to downstage.
  • 2 sockets are on each of the downstage perches.
  • 4 sockets in the orchestra pit.
  • 2 sockets at each end of the cyclorama.
  • 4 sockets at the bottom centre of the cyclorama.
  • 12 sockets in the roof void.
  • 14 sockets to each of the two front of house lighting platform.

All of the lighting points are fully patchable as dimming or hard power. 

Ethernet/DMX sockets are close to all lighting points.

Please email technical@jrtheatre.co.uk for details of the standard lighting rig.

There are 2 Robert Juliat Buxie followspots, with a colour changer pack, mounted on a tripod in the roof void. The followspots are unable to illuminate the very front of the stage apron (orchestra pit) or anywhere in the auditorium.


 Generic Lanterns

Number Rating Type
1 500 W CCT Minuette Floods
6 500 W PAR 56s
2 650 W CCT Minuette Profile Spot
6 650 W Vision V650Z 14-33 Zoom Profile
14 800 W Selecon SPX 15-35 Profile
16 800 W Selecon SPX 25-50 Profile
6 1000 W PAR 64s
6 1000 W CCT Starlette 1000 Fresnels
4 1000 W Selecon Rama PC
34 1000 W Selecon Rama Fresnel

Intelligent Lanterns

Number Type
2 Chauvet Maverick MK2 Profile
4 Chauvet Maverick Mk1 Spot
4 Chauvet Ovation E-930VW Profile with 26° Lens
8 Chauvet Ovation F-915VW Fresnel

Additionally there are the 2 sets of cyclorama lights which each consist of 6 sets of Chauvet Ovation B-1965FC units. The lower set are free-standing and may be removed if the space is needed.  The upper set is mounted on bar 19.

We keep:-

  • a standard set of gels
  • gel frames for all lanterns
  • barn doors for 18 fresnels
  • gobo holders for profiles
  • irises for profiles.

The standard gobos we keep are listed on the attachments to this page; you may also bring in custom gobos in size B or M.

Hirers’ Lights and Electrical Equipment
Any electrical equipment that is to be plugged into the theatre electrical or lighting systems must be approved by the stage manager before use. The hirer is responsible for ensuring any electrical equipment brought is electrically safe and correctly labelled. Inductive loads must not be plugged into the dimmers.

Other Equipment
The theatre also has:-

  • 2 Doughty Tank Traps for placing lanterns at the side of the stage for side lighting.
  • 2 UV LED panels.
  • 1 Martin Jem ZR44 Hi-mass fog machine.
  • 2 Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D haze machines.
  • 1 Le Maitre pyroflash 2 way controller.
  • 1 Le Maitre pyroflash 6 way controller.
  • 6 standard flash pods with cabling.
  • 1 Mirror ball (16 inch) with motor and hanging mount.
  • 1 Mirror ball (50 cm) with motor and mount - this is too large to fly on stage

Please ensure that if you are going to make use of any of this equipment, the stage manager is informed well (preferably 8 weeks) ahead of the hire to ensure equipment is available. In some cases licensing permission has to be obtained.