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Sound Desk
There is a 32 (plus 2 dual stereo) channel Allen & Heath ZED-436 mixer located at the rear of the auditorium, with additional equipment located in the rack by the sound desk. The input devices for the sound desk include:-

  • Tascam MDCD1 Mk 2 Minidisc/CD player
  • Tascam SS-R200 Solid State Recorder
  • Sony Minidisc player
  • Denon cassette tape deck

Auditorium Sound
The main auditorium is covered by 2 D&B Audiotechnik Ci90 Speakers with 4 D&B Audiotechnik E0 speakers attached to the front of the orchestra pit for front in-fill. The balcony area has 4 D&B Audiotechnik E3 speakers. The auditorium sound is driven by 5 D&B Audiotechnik E-Pac Power Amplifiers.

Sound Points
There are a number of sound points around the theatre:-

  • Downstage left and right
  • Upstage (cyclorama) left and right
  • Orchestra pit left and right
  • Projector room (rear of balcony)

Additionally other equipment can be patched in via the stage corner or cellar.

Fold-back Sound
2 speaker/amplifier combinations are on stage and normally used for fold-back. Additionally there are 2 more portable IS Theatre 10s speakers, driven by a Samson Servo 550 (250W) amplifier, which can placed on stage or in the orchestra pit as required.

The theatre has a total of 12 Trantec UHF radio lapel microphones; up to 4 of these microphones may be used in handheld microphone units.

Additionally there are:-

  • 2 Sennheiser rifle microphones
  • 2 Beyerdynamic MC 836 PV rifle microphones
  • 2 Beyerdynamic MC 837 PV rifle microphones
  • 2 AKG rifle microphones
  • 2 Audio Technica Pro44 Boundary microphones
  • 2 Shure SM58 hand-held XLR microphones with stands
  • 1 AKG D190 hand-held XLR microphone
  • 1 Audio Technica ATM 61HE hand held microphone
  • 3 Bheringer XM8500 dynamic microphones
  • 2 Studio Spares S955 condenser microphones

Ancillary Items
The theatre has the following additional sound equipment

  • 16 way, 15 meter sound multicore, which can be used on the stage or in the orchestra pit.
  • 5 Direct Injection (DI) Boxes (2 active and 3 passive)