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Sound Desk
There is a 40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console, the Behringer X32 is located at the rear of the auditorium, with additional equipment located in the rack by the sound desk. The input devices for the sound desk include:-

  • Tascam MDCD1 Mk 2 Minidisc/CD player
  • Tascam SS-R200 Solid State Recorder
  • Sony Minidisc player
  • Denon cassette tape deck

Auditorium Sound
The main auditorium is covered by 2 D&B Audiotechnik Ci90 Speakers with 4 D&B Audiotechnik E0 speakers attached to the front of the orchestra pit for front in-fill. The balcony area has 4 D&B Audiotechnik E3 speakers. The auditorium sound is driven by 5 D&B Audiotechnik E-Pac Power Amplifiers.

Sound Points
There are a number of sound points around the theatre:-

  • Downstage left and right
  • Upstage (cyclorama) left and right
  • Orchestra pit left and right
  • Projector room (rear of balcony)
  • Orchestra pit front direct to sound desk

Additionally other equipment can be patched in via the stage corner or cellar.

Fold-back Sound
2 speaker/amplifier combinations are on stage and normally used for fold-back. Additionally there are 2 more portable IS Theatre 10s speakers, driven by a Samson Servo 550 (250W) amplifier, which can be placed on stage or in the orchestra pit as required.

The theatre has a total of 20 Trantec UHF radio lapel microphones; up to 4 of these microphones may be used in handheld microphone units. Headset microphones are available for all 20 radio microphones.

Additionally there are:-

  • 2 Sennheiser rifle microphones
  • 2 Beyerdynamic MC 836 PV rifle microphones
  • 2 Beyerdynamic MC 837 PV rifle microphones
  • 2 AKG rifle microphones
  • 2 Audio Technica Pro44 Boundary microphones
  • 2 Shure SM58 hand-held XLR microphones with stands
  • 1 AKG D190 hand-held XLR microphone
  • 1 Audio Technica ATM 61HE hand held microphone
  • 3 Behringer XM8500 dynamic microphones
  • 2 Studio Spares S955 condenser microphones

Ancillary Items
The theatre has the following additional sound equipment

  • 16 way, 15 meter sound multicore, which can be used on the stage or in the orchestra pit
  • 5 Direct Injection (DI) Boxes (2 active and 3 passive)
  • Behringer S16 Digital Multicore. 16 input / 8 output for connection to the sound desk from any location.