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Image & Advert Specifications

Website and Social Media Images

One strong image is required for your production for display on our website. The image is displayed alongside the full details of your show and will render depending on the device the web visitor is using so must not contain any text.

We have put the following information together to help you:

Size: Ideal 3840 * 2560 pixels
Always provide largest format image file available

Hint: You can check the size of your image as follows: 
PC Right click on the image file and select Properties 
Mac Press Option while clicking on the image file, then select Get Info
Shape Our website will use the image in landscape when viewed on a desktop PC and square when viewed on a mobile device. This is in a similar way to Facebook images compared to Instagram images.
Images on the social media are square as well as landscape
Landscape & Portrait shots are fine, but need to be framed to allow for cropping.
Cropping Depending on the device being used to view our website your image may be cropped, please consider this when composing your image.
Colour Model RGB
Licence Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check licence requirements for any images used to promote your show.
File Format The preferred image format is JPEG.
Stock Images If we do not have an image for your event when tickets go on sale we will use one of our stock images, but this can be changed as soon as you provide us with an image.
Production Shots Images for your show which feature people in costume is the best way to attract interest in your show. We would recommend and schedule a photo shoot. This could be done on the last day of your previous performance while at the theatre (between matinee and evening shows) or you could arrange a separate photo shoot.
Delivery Please deliver files electronically either via email attachments or using a large file transfer service such as “we transfer”.


Brochure Adverts

Type Layout Details Width mm Height mm
Quarter page Portrait Image which appears alongside text listing. 60 86
Half page Landscape Size not exactly half A5 (A6) so artwork needs to be sized accordingly. A6 (A5) artwork will not fit. 126.5 86
Full page Portrait Advert sits within brochure page margins. No bleed. 126.5 179
Premium - full page Portrait Page 3 or one centre page
Advert sits within brochure page margins. No bleed.
126.5 179
Double page Portrait 2 separate full page adverts. There will be page margin and brochure page header and footer graphics around the advert. 126.5 179


File Format The preferred format for brochure artwork is PDF. High resolution files such as
TIFF and JPEG are also acceptable.


All images used in the artwork should have a minimum resolution of 300dpi at the required dimensions.

Colour Mode All content in CMYK colour mode (not RGB and containing no spot colours).
Publishing Software Artwork created in Microsoft applications such as Word, Publisher and Powerpoint will not be accepted.

Failure to meet these specifications may result in reduced image quality when advert appears in print. We reserve the right to not use images that do not meet the specifications provided.